Friday, July 29, 2016

A Castle In The Air

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have tell you about this sweet treasure up on the California coast. I love it when a place grabs every little bit of my aesthetic sensibilities, as though someone out there knew I would come to them, and they had created this haven purposely for me to cross its path.

This sweet gem is along the Navarro River not too far from the Mendocino coast - a remodeled water tower so cleverly re-purposed for hosting guests. The water is still above, but the interior is now pure white, pure bliss, and pure calm. My partner and I were charmed. I could have stayed in all day. There was a coolness to the air on that late spring weekend. There were delicious cubes of zucchini bread left by our delightful hosts Elsa and Robert. There was a celebratory anniversary bloom. There was angelic music. There was candlelight.  There was a loft for a peaceful night or two. There was such creativity. There was uniqueness. There I was. There we were.

I find myself seeking the unusually serene in the world around me. I notice how I gravitate to quiet clean line spaces. I notice how I love the 'negative' space in a big wide expanse; a term often used back in my days at the San Francisco Art Institute in my various photography classes.

This unique space knocked on the door of my days when I was searching for a tucked away treasure on AirbnbLucky me. That coastline beckons.
I return to the area next week. In this wild world of ours there is no doubt a healing getaway is so good for the soul...

Happy escapades ~ Enjoy as always, Adeline