Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Yosemite on my mind

I wrap up this 3-part blog with the front-end of a delightful escapade. I felt inspired a few weeks ago to start the series with the end of that long get-away weekend. The series kicked off with the remote ghost town of Bodie - the post in the middle was very much ghostlike as well, as there truly is nothing on earth like the Tufa Towers of Mono Lake. But the front end of that early summer weekend was definitely not ghostlike. It was stepping into the folds of a national treasure.  It was a return to nature. It was incredible. What a perfect beginning!

Yosemite National Park stands tall and majestic. It is such a beautiful place. One comes upon this World Heritage Site fairly quickly after traveling just under 4 hours from the San Francisco Bay Area. From the flatlands heading east to the high mountain tops beyond, it is not long before one drops into a deep valley floor edged by wilderness, sheer granite cliffs; picturesque vistas, endless waterfalls, groves and groves of giant sequoia trees, and enchanting rivulets and meadows at every turn. 

The Ahwahnee Hotel was the perfect base camp for the morning. The charming grand dame of hotels dates back to 1927; it was built to host early European and American tourists to the area. It went on to host US Presidents, foreign Queens and Shahs, as well as famous writers and actors.

I will let your imagination wonder - for myself, I was warmed by the sunshine, enchanted by my company, relishing every vista, every breath, devouring the grandeur of this national gem.

I close the series with the spirit of the valley tucked close in my heart.

Step away from your routine - Be good to yourself - Spend time outdoors - Cherish whom you're with.
All of that is so good for the soul - no doubt.
 ~ Adeline