Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tomales Bay ~ Point Reyes

It was in the early light of dawn that I set off a couple of weekends ago, for a day trip along the Bay Area coastline. Soon, I was within reach of bays, lagoons, lighthouses and the Pacific Ocean. As I meandered back and forth along the back roads of Point Reyes National Recreation Area, I fell in love with the mood of the sky, the mood of the stillness of the water, the mood of the dampness in the air, the mood of the heavy fog shrouding the land beyond. Gently, calmly, and ever so slowly, the fog lifted, revealing hilltops, hidden marshes, and oyster farms tucked just shy of the water's edge...

Quiet beaches and short hikes beckoned. Freshly harvested Tomales Bay oysters, local artisan cheeses, rustic country breads and Sonoma Valley wines replenished me.

And like each time I wander off on these solo day trips, I returned home renewed and invigorated.
Clearly, it is good for the soul.