Saturday, March 30, 2013

A gift of Spring ~ A Happy Easter

Outside in the front garden, the wisteria is in full bloom with its periwinkle blossoms drooping lazily, soon to be swept away by late afternoon winds. Dainty purple flowers dot the surface of  the rosemary plants while the tulips in full bloom on the back deck welcome the morning sun.

The sweet temptations and the soft pastels of Easter are here as well, with my younger daughter clearly reminding me that last year she was away camping when the Easter Bunny came through town. In her honor this year, I have captured Easter vignettes around the house: you will find hand-blown glass and hand-painted eggs from places near and far - including my own feeble attempt at Ukrainian egg design; traditional French 'dragées' - those irresistible candy coated almonds with that perfect crunch - too pretty to be eaten truly; outlandish floral crowns and hats; and a few Victorian inspired springtime treasures. 

I think I will let them all linger around well into April ~ and I believe even the Easter Bunny will stay a while, and be tempted to read the beautiful words of the poet Rainer Maria Rilke. I found this excerpt from his poem "Spring!" to be just so... read on.

"Spring!" - Sonnets to Orpheus I,21 - by Rainer Maria Rilke

Earth, school is out now. You're free
to play with the children. We'll catch you,
joyous Earth. The happiest will catch you!

All that the teacher taught her - the many thoughts
pressed now into roots and long 
tough stems: She sings! She sings!

A Happy Easter ~ A Happy Spring ~ A Happy Daughter... I know this must be good for the soul...