Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pure magic

A Christmas Day drive turned into a magical day.... For over an hour, I stood in the same spot  as the water, the sand, the waves, the light danced and glowed all around me... a sunset that went on forever... truly magical.

Before I decided to post these photos on the blog, I sent the first photo in this set to a dear friend in Europe; this is what he wrote: ... "This photo looks like the hidden step between the evolution from the water to the looks like a being had the idea to change his life from water to the land..I know it happened 300 million years ago but that's only a theory; but this photo is the missing link"... 

Since then, I have looked at it in a whole new light and a wide open mind...

Earlier in the day, the calm light of the rolling hills of the wine region took me in.

In a few days, the magic of a New Year's Day outing.

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  1. How beautiful. I appreciate how you see the world, Adeline! Eager for more posts.


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