Friday, November 29, 2013

Mendocino Coast

Today is the day after Thanksgiving. I could have been be dashing off to mega-stores, rushing and crushing against the masses, eagerly seeking the ultimate gift. 
Instead, I choose to gift myself with the many moods of the Mendocino coastline. Each time I am within its reach, I am transported in a swirl of peace, in a gift of thankfulness for this amazing area where I live. 

Down by the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean, I edge close to tide pools; I wrap myself in the cooling morning mist, the fog slowly lifting in small parcels across the sky. I climb into it, then over it. I smile.

Recent online reviews of the area mention how one simply must stop at the newly refurbished and family-owned Stewart's Point General Store - first opened in 1868. I am tempted. 

To my delight I discover that their small displays tucked here and there in the store are just like the vignettes of style and design that I treasure. I smile. I leave sandwich in hand and head seven miles inland to the ridge-top vistas of Annapolis Winery, another gem of a find!

Soon after Stewart's Point, the Sea Ranch beckons. Each time, I am drawn to its tranquility. There is a dreamy secret about it. The ocean in its endless vastness leaves me in awe every single time. I will not reveal too much. It is too precious.

The setting evening light after a long drive over the rugged ridge to Anderson Valley brings me full circle to Point Arena, in time for a relaxing twilight dinner with all the beauty that envelops the area.

I shall indeed give thanks… for witnessing the beauty and the life that revives my spirit every time I sense a tension in my being.
I do believe you will agree. It is good for the soul…

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