Thursday, June 9, 2016

Mendocino County - Springtime on the edge of the ocean

Little River, Big River, Mendocino, Elk, Van Damme, Navarro, Russian Gulch, Cabrillo, Caspar; the list of names goes on... Inviting small towns, historical lighthouses, rugged cliffs and giant Redwood State Parks hug the beautiful northern California coast with scenic wonder at every turn.

It was late April when I ventured back along that magical coast I treasure. We had rented a charming water tower (stay tuned for next blog!) for a few nights along the Navarro River. The magnificence of the redwood forests wrapped us in its fold. The meandering coast greated us with open arms. 

Spring had sprung with faint traces of winter still hoping to cling on. The morning chill was in the air no doubt; the afternoon winds did not let up; the sun's rays desperately wanted to warm the land. I noticed and loved how wild flowers - pink ones at that - lined the edges of the cliffs.

The lazy pace we had opted for that week out of town was a celebration in itself. Here we were taking the sights yet again. The wineries of the Anderson Valley beckoned. Picnic treats and bold sunsets did not disappoint. At Wild Fish, a tiny restaurant easily missed in tinier Little River, we were treated to blackened halibut tacos with spicy cabbage slaw, and Thai fish cakes with watermelon radish salad... Need I say more!

I obviously cannot get enough, as my next trip is just two months away, and back to that northern area I shall return! There is a newly opened trail along the bluffs just north of Mendocino - shall get new hiking shoes  - a must - and off we go, because it is simply so good for the soul...

Enjoy as always, Adeline