Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mendocino County ~ Return to magic

Living in Marin County, I can be on the coast within an hour. Shear bliss. I can head south or I can head north, and no matter which way I look, pure magic happens. Mother Nature has blessed this coastline with one scenic location after the other. 
This time I choose to head north to Mendocino County. I roll down the window to take it all in. The cool coastal breezes beckon. At every turn in the road, I see breathtaking natural wonders: rugged coastline beaches, majestic towering redwoods, hillside artisanal vineyards. 
The picturesque scenery is spectacular. It is grand.
In Sea Ranch, I find serenity and panoramic ocean views. In Gualala, I stop for beach combing and perfect tide pools along the rocky shoreline. The lure of my next stop excites me - more rolling hills with new secrets revealed around each bend; then... Mendocino, that quaint town which sits on a headland surrounded by the Pacific Ocean with its oceanfront Victorian homes, its secluded bluffs, its dramatic surf. 
There is wilderness. 
There is charm. 
There is laziness. 
There is beauty. 
There is lingering morning fog. 
There is art.

It does not get better than this. it is the perfect getaway. There is peace, there is tranquility.
It is April. It is a good month. The wild flowers are in bloom. It is springtime,

You must know... It is good for the soul.