Monday, January 9, 2012

San Francisco...circa 2012

A New Year's eve outing on the San Francisco Bay...

The early morning light softly lit up the bay; the waters were peaceful; the sky was painting its own beauty, the skyline slowly etched itself, waiting for me to get closer.

On one side, the many islands, the famous bridges, the proud pyramid, the seasoned sailors and surfers, the beautiful Mount Tamalpais, the lazy houseboats.

On the other side, a farmers' market... old wooden crates, loosely woven baskets, rusty buckets, colorful trays, used canning jars, all filled with a myriad of fresh seasonal produce, locally made cheeses, sweet temptations, raffia wrapped flower bouquets...

Angel Island, Treasure Island, Alcatraz Island...each one with its own legend, 
and just a few fingertips away

an unexpected farmers' market bounty

a Happy New year it is bound to be
no resolutions • only more of the same  •  it is good for the soul   

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