Monday, February 9, 2015

The perfect medicine

January was a month of recovery. December took a dramatic turn. Transforming the corners of my home is always a favorite past-time around Christmas time, but alas this year, I had only just finished a series of vignettes in calming hues of cool blue milk glass, old-glass glittered candlesticks, and large crackled mercury glass ornaments - that I did not waste a second to take a dramatic fall down an entire very steep wooden staircase ~

With my slow recovery, comes the urge to rekindle my need for serenity and beauty in the wide circle around me. I have found the perfect medicine - revisiting a group of photographs I took during an impromptu detour late last summer - a windy drive along the eastern fringes of Mount Diablo State Park. Marsh Creek Road was a great find that day ~ it meanders along soft rolling hills through open countryside dotted here and there with lonesome oak trees, back-country wild flowers, and grasslands now turned a soft yellow. Mount Diablo at 3800 ft stands proud as a beacon dominating the eastern horizon of the San Francisco Bay Area- and is definitely quite majestic in its history and Native American folklore.

The gentle curves of the lower foothills draw you in 
The shadows are soft on this day 
The sky is bubbling with frothy clouds
The air is warm
The wind is soft 

Before returning to the busy streets of Marin County, I have to say this was the perfect antidote. With my recovery 90% complete, 
a relaxing Sunday drive is … oh so good for the soul.

Enjoy this series as much as I did ~

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