Thursday, March 24, 2016

Welcome Spring - Welcome Easter

Time has marched on once again! I did have a couple of blogs ready to post last month but life got surprisingly in the way. Very nicely in the way. 

Now spring is here, Easter is around the corner, and my world is filled with joy, laughter, love and color of course. It was just a couple of weeks back that I captured spring blossoms outside my partner's apartment  - then inspired by it all, I went home and captured little Easter vignettes I was setting up.
I pulled out the Fabergé inspired eggs I designed many years ago - oh the patience I had then - also pulled out the Ukrainian inspired Pyzanky eggs I had attempted too- mixed it all up with some papier maché eggs and played around in the late afternoon light.

Easter this year will be very low key - a quiet Sunday at home. The creek below the house is reminding me of the spring rains we just had - all so perfect for those beautiful budding blossoms on the hillside.

Times are turbulent in our world these days, and these small creative pockets of my life calm the energy within. I send you peace, I send you springtime blessings. I send you joy.

We truly do need things, no matter how slight or simple, which are good for the soul... 
Enjoy as always, Adeline