Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer time is almost here

I love the spur of the moment decision to head out to the local Farmers' market. A subtle cast of sunshine soon overtaken by soft morning fog... a dressed up bicycle, exotic proteas, poppy seed pods with their graphic brilliance, hydrangeas...oh beautiful hydrangeas, the eternal bistro chairs in my favorite colors, a happy sign I fell in love with... I sat for a moment, enjoyed a tea, read a poem by Goethe about flowers, all the while listening to Edith Piaf songs coming from a hand-crank music box nearby.
I know I shall be back....

"Found" ~ a poem by Goethe, 1813

Once in the forest I strolled content, to look for nothing, my sole intent. 
I saw a flower, shaded and shy, shining like starlight, bright as an eye.
I went to pluck it; gently it said: Must I be broken, wilt and be dead?
Then whole I dug it out of the loam, and to my garden, carried it home,
Then to replant it where no wind blows. More bright than ever it blooms and grows.

Looking at that sign again... Best ... seasoned... happy me... does sound quite perfect.