Sunday, May 6, 2018

Bella - que bella!

These past four months have been a whirlwind. I am selling my home of 18 years, so to stay sane through it all, let me tell you about an amazing distraction - Bella Vineyard and Wine Caves. Then again, maybe I should keep it a secret... I discovered this gem of a winery not long ago at the far end of the Dry Creek Valley just next door to Sonoma. I was bewitched by the warmth of the locale and in pure admiration of the creativity throughout. I was 'home'. I smiled at the basket filled with hula hoops laying under the shade of a very old olive tree. The displays on the shelves, the simplicity of the decor, the straight lines, the votives lit at 11am in the back of the cellar. A growler of rosé or white wine? Yes - original, most definitely, and so perfect. I know that I could move in if given the opportunity. Join me.

As you can see Bella is an exquisite find. Do go. Do linger. Do taste. Better yet, sign up for their Unleash the Beast Tour - you will tour the cave, you will walk and see these old vines up close; you will linger in their private tasting room. You will picnic on the lawn - and very quickly you will say... this is good for the soul.
Now onwards to finding my new home!
Enjoy as always, Adeline

Friday, December 22, 2017

Peace • Joy • Love • Christmas

Last weekend, the girls were out shopping for baking supplies; Brad was finishing The Brothers Vonnegut; I was uploading, spacing, creating this blog post. The wind was up and the house was quiet. The bakers soon returned... and yours truly and her elves went to work.

Now it is Friday and I have wrapped up work for a few days. Santa's sleigh will come to town in no time at all. Glitter will shine; frosted bottlebrush trees and hand-twirled ornaments await; candles and votives will be lit; teal and silver; pastels and gold... The evening will be divine.

There is Joy. There is Joyeux. There is light. 
These are the Christmas vignettes around my home.

I wish you peace and love and goodness and everything in between for this Holiday Season. Enjoy all the little moments - You do know it is good for the soul.

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année ~ Adeline