Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Secret Garden in the wine country

A bit busy since my last post! My excuses are mine alone - I could call them valid… A daughter launched off to college in Europe; another daughter enraptured with the thrill of another ballet season (taxi-mom at your service!); and a lovely new relationship to distract every bit of me. The good news about these past months is the abundance of beauty I have kept coming across.

The Fall is now here, with its crisp morning chill, its balmy midday sunlight, and its captivating evening twilight. My pace is often dreamlike as I walk along paths of new discoveries; absorbing new vistas, new colors, new scents, new inspiration, new light.

This set of images was captured on a stunning day just weeks ago in the wine country at Preston Vineyards in Dry Creek Valley ~ bucolic setting; ideal picnic grounds; dear friends; a bottle of 'Madam Preston' wine in hand, and a stroll through their Secret Garden ~ a gem in itself ~ a gem of a day.

Away I plot my next post ~ but do indulge in this one, it is just a tease for what is to come.
My blog hiatus has been indulgent ~ but I have treasures to share; the amazing art of my father; a new journey up the coast; more wineries to inspire; the ultimate French café experience; unique vintage market finds; lavender blossoms along hidden paths.
I must hurry ~ the holidays are around the corner of the season.

It's all coming ~ it's all so good for the soul; don't you think… even taking a little break.

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