Sunday, February 3, 2013

Springtime and Toy Cameras

Remember the toy cameras one had back in the late sixties and seventies; that look of soft edges with the corners darkened; well, my digital camera has such a setting. It made me smile - it's actually called 'toy camera' setting. In art school days, we called it fancy words like 'burning and dodging'; in the digital world you often hear the word 'vignette'. Just recently, I felt like a little kid walking around my home capturing details of objects I love around me. I love zooming in on detail. I love when you really look at a texture up close, when you don't just dismiss it. I love curlycues, I love tassels. I am truly hooked on scalloped edges. It is also clear that I am definitely possessed with pink and green... a recurring theme on this blog and in my home.

Enjoy these trios of photos; live in the moment, and who knows... you too might feel like a kid! 

Fanny Crosby says it perfectly. I shall not alter a single word; but look closely around you at the people and the things you love. Do you see the details, the beauty, the springtime?

I will tell you this... 
Springtime is definitely good for the soul... and it is around the corner.

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